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Armand - Places
... Saint-Armand, Quebec, Canada Armand-e Olya, Iran Armand-e Sofla, Iran Armand Rural District, Iran St ... Armand, New York St ... Armand's Key in Florida ...
Marguerite (musical) - Synopsis - Act II
... Marguerite and Armand meet in a park, as the crowd sing of change ("Day by Day (Part Two)") ... Marguerite goes to see Armand ("Dreams Shining Dreams") ... He warns her that Armand is having an affair with a Nazi officer's lover, making him a danger to her and himself ...
Marguerite And Armand - Plot
... In her delirium she recalls her love affair with a young man named Armand, which the ballet portrays using many dreamlike flashback sequences ... Armand enters and falls for Marguerite immediately, and she returns his feelings ... At the end of this sequence, Marguerite tests Armand's love by throwing a white flower to the ground as her wealthy protector leads her away ...
Marguerite And Armand - Expression Through The Ballet
... In the beginning scenes, at the party when Marguerite and Armand first meet, the mood of the dancing is rather naive, almost playful ... In the scenes following Armand's father's confrontation with Marguerite, the dance is much more passionate, more mature ... When she dies, Armand does not yet realize that she has gone, and only knows when her hand falls from his ...
Armand Nicolet
... Armand Nicolet is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer located in Tramelan, a mountain village in the Bernese Jura ... Its history dates to its foundation in 1902 by Armand Nicolet ...

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    The mind is the greatest of all human forces. Control the mind and you control the body.
    Griffin Jay, Randall Faye, and Lew Landers. Armand Tesla (Bela Lugosi)

    I’m going to my room now. Nobody must disturb me. Nobody, do you understand? I—I sleep during the day.
    Griffin Jay, Randall Faye, and Lew Landers. Armand Tesla (Bela Lugosi)