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Executive Board

The executive board duties are assigned by the chair. It also, “acts on behalf on the state committee between State Committee meetings” (ADP Bylaws Art.V Sec.2). The executive board meets at least quarterly. Members of the executive board are, “State Chair, First Vice-Chair, Senior Vice-Chair, Vice-Chairwomen, Vice-Chairmen, Secretary, Treasurer, Educational Coordinator, and Affirmative Action Moderator, the State Committee-elected National Committeemen and the State Committee-elected National Committeewomen” (ADP Bylaws Art.V Sec. 1).Current Board Officers: Bill Roe, Chair; Harriet Young, First Vice Chairwoman; Jim Woodbrey, Senior Vice Chairman; Carolyn Warner, National Committeewoman; Judy Kennedy, National Committeewoman; Fred DuVal, National Committeeman; Laura Hogan, Vice Chairwoman; Jo Kelleher, Vice Chairwoman; Marquisha Griffin, Vice Chairwoman; Chris Campas, Vice Chairman; Manny Cruz, Vice Chairman; Gerald Richard, Vice Chairman; Sharon Thomas, Secretary; Rick McGuire, Treasurer; Henry Wade, Affirmative Action Coordinator; Anne Greenberg, Educational Coordinator (

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