Arisbe (Ancient Greek:Ἀρίσβη) may refer to:

  • Another name for Batea (mythology), a person in Greek mythology
  • Arisbe (daughter of Merops), an early wife of King Priam of Troy, also daughter of the seer Merops of Percote
  • An ancient city in the Troad, listed as a colony of the city-state of Miletus by Anaximenes of Lampsacus
  • arisbe, a species of owl butterflies
  • Arisbe, American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce's estate in Pennsylvania

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Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliography - Primary Literature - Drafts and Manuscripts Subsequently Published
... (1872 fall), "", MS 194, W 328ff, Arisbe Eprint ... Arisbe Eprint ... Arisbe Eprint PDF (177 KiB) interleaved with the 1867 "New List" for comparison ...
Arisbe (daughter Of Merops)
... In Greek mythology, Arisbe was a daughter of Merops of Percote, a seer ... Arisbe then married Hyrtacus, to whom she bore a son named Asius ... Ephorus wrote of Arisbe as the first wife of Paris ...
Asius (mythology)
... He was a son of Hyrtacus and Arisbe, the latter being first wife of King Priam and daughter of Merops ... from a cluster of towns on both sides of the Hellespont, including Arisbe, Percote, Abydos and Sestus ... Asius himself resided in the town of Arisbe, by the river Selleis ...
Charles Sanders Peirce Bibliography - Secondary Literature - Overviews and Biographies - Arisbe, Peirce House
... Ransdell, Joseph (1998), "Why is this Site called Arisbe?", Arisbe Eprint ... Information on Peirce's home Arisbe ... (1999), "A Pragmatic Rehabilitation – The Continuing Use of Arisbe, Home of C.S ...
Juliette Peirce - History - Arisbe
... The Peirces named the house and land Arisbe ... They named their property Arisbe for possibly any or all of the following reasons The ancient city of Arisbe was a colony of the city-state of Miletus, which was the scene of much early Greek philosophy and science ... welcomed all passers-by into his house near a public road in Arisbe, Homer remarking that later none of them stood between Axylus and death in battle ...