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Cloud Storage - Potential Concerns - Attack Surface Area
... Outsourcing data storage increases the attack surface area ... company might have a small team of administrators, network engineers and technicians, but a cloud storage company will have many customers and thousands of servers and therefore a ... It increases the number of networks over which the data travels ...
List Of Computing And IT Abbreviations - W
... W3C—World Wide Web Consortium WAFS—Wide Area File Services WAI—Web Accessibility Initiative WAIS—Wide Area Information Server WAN—Wide Area Network WAP—Wireless Access Point WAP ...
Storage Area Network
... A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage ... A SAN typically has its own network of storage devices that are generally not accessible through the local area network by other devices ...
Link Layer
... The link is the physical and logical network component used to interconnect hosts or nodes in the network and a link protocol is a suite of methods and standards ... However, TCP/IP's layers are descriptions of operating scopes (application, host-to-host, network, link) and not detailed prescriptions of operating procedures, data semantics, or ... RFC 1122 exemplifies that local area network protocols such as Ethernet and IEEE 802, and framing protocols such as Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) belong to the link layer ...

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