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Climate Change In The Arctic - Effects - Sea Ice
... The sea ice in the Arctic region is in itself important in maintaining global climate due to its albedo (reflectivity) ... Melting of this sea ice will therefore exacerbate global warming due to positive feedback effects, where warming creates more warming by increased solar absorption ... An important feedback in the Arctic currently is ice-albedo feedback ...
K-19: The Widowmaker - Synopsis
... (Peter Saarsgard) arrives direct from the naval academy and has never been to sea ... longtime veteran, also has never served at sea, and has no experience in radiologically based illnesses ... K-19 puts to sea for her trials ...
Regional Effects Of Global Warming - Ice-cover Changes - Arctic Sea Ice
... Recent projections of sea ice loss suggest that the Arctic ocean will likely be free of summer sea ice sometime between 2059 and 2078 ... Models showing decreasing sea ice also show a corresponding decrease in polar bear habitat ... because it is a top-level predator in the Arctic, which is projected to warm more than the global average ...
Climate Change In The Arctic - Modelling, History, and Predictions of Sea Ice
... See also Arctic sea ice ecology and history Computer models predict that the sea ice area will continue to shrink in the future, although recent work has called into question their ... Current climate models frequently underestimate the rate of sea ice retreat ... that "the projected reduction is accelerated in the Arctic, where some models project summer sea ice cover to disappear entirely in the high-emission A2 scenario in the latter part of the 21st century.″ There is ...
Arctic Sea Ice Ecology And History
... The Arctic sea ice covers less area in the summer than in the winter ... perennial) sea ice covers nearly all of the central deep basins ... The Arctic sea ice and its related biota are unique, and the year-round persistence of the ice has allowed the development of ice endemic species, meaning species not found ...

Famous quotes containing the words ice, arctic and/or sea:

    ‘Line in nature is not found;
    Unit and universe are round;
    In vain produced, all rays return;
    Evil will bless, and ice will burn.’
    As Uriel spoke with piercing eye,
    A shudder ran around the sky;
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Nature confounds her summer distinctions at this season. The heavens seem to be nearer the earth. The elements are less reserved and distinct. Water turns to ice, rain to snow. The day is but a Scandinavian night. The winter is an arctic summer.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Why is it we never get our bad medicine in small doses?
    Edmund H. North, British screenwriter, and Lewis Gilbert. First Sea Lord (Laurence Naismith)