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  • Arcade (ballet) by John Taras
  • Arcade (band), a rock band formed by ex-Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy
  • Arcade (album), a 1993 album by the band Arcade
  • Arcade (John Abercrombie album), a 1979 album by jazz guitarist John Abercrombie
  • Arcade (film), a 1993 movie starring Peter Billingsley as a teenage virtual reality addict
  • ARCADE (architecture magazine), quarterly magazine about architecture
  • Arcade Publishing, an American publishing company
  • Arcade (TV series) a short-lived Australian soap opera produced in 1980
  • Nick Arcade (game show), a game show that aired on the Nickelodeon television channel from 1992 to 1993
  • Arcade Fire, a seven-piece indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Westminster Arcade, a 1828 historic shopping center in Providence, Rhode Island
  • Exchange Arcade, the commercial section of the Nottingham Council House
  • Arterial arcades, in human anatomy loops of arteries around the jejunum and ileum part of the digestive system
  • Arcades (Milton), 1634 masque by John Milton
  • Adult video arcade
  • Shopping mall, one or more buildings forming a complex of shops, also sometimes called a shopping arcade
  • Shreepati Arcade, one of India's tallest buildings

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