Apollodorus was a popular name in ancient Greece. It may refer to:

  • Apollodorus of Athens (born c. 180 BC), historian and mythographer
  • "Pseudo-Apollodorus," author of the Bibliotheca
  • Apollodorus (painter), an Athenian painter, who lived at the end of the 5th century BC and introduced great improvements in perspective and chiaroscuro
  • Apollodorus of Carystus, New Comedy playwright, 300-260 BCE
  • Apollodorus of Gela, an earlier playwright
  • Apollodorus of Artemita, 2nd century historian of the Parthian empire
  • Apollodorus of Damascus, 2nd century architect
  • Apollodorus of Pergamon, 1st century BC rhetorician
  • Apollodorus of Seleucia, Stoic philosopher of the 2nd century BC
  • Apollodorus of Acharnae, son of the 4th century BC banker Pasion and subject of many of Demosthenes' speeches
  • Apollodorus the Epicurean, author of the Life of Epicurus, a work famous in ancient Greece but no longer extant
  • Apollodorus the Sicilian, companion of Cleopatra
  • Apollodorus of Phaleron, follower of Socrates and narrator of the dialogue described by Plato in his Symposium
  • Apollodorus of Amphipolis, Macedonian general
  • Apollodorus (runner)
  • Apollodorus (crater)

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Apollodorus (crater)
... Apollodorus is an impact crater on Mercury ... The floor, rim and walls of Apollodorus expose a low reflectance material (LRM) excavated during the impact from beneath the light volcanic plains, which cover the central part of the Caloris ... Apollodorus of Damascus is credited as the architect of the Pantheon in Rome ...
Apollodorus (painter) - Effect On Contemporaries
... The arrogant Zeuxis of Heraclea was one of Apollodorus' biggest enemies ... Apollodorus should have treated Zeuxis great respect because Zeuxis had been trained by some of the greats of ancient Greek art however the two of them, as recorded ... At one point, Apollodorus even accused Zeuxis of stealing art techniques from others which might very well have been true because Zeuxis was also attributed with the expansion and ...
Apollodorus (painter) - Life and Accomplishments
... Little is known about the actual life of Apollodorus, although he was catalogued by the notable historians Plutarch and Pliny the Elder ... It was recorded that Apollodorus was active around 480 BCE his dates of birth and death, however, are not attested in any surviving historical works or fragments of works ... To Pliny, he was the great painter Apollodorus of Athens therefore, it can be assumed that he lived and worked in the polis of Athens ...
Apollodorus (runner)
... Apollodorus (~ 1st century) was an unlucky ancient Macedonian runner who, after winning in Olympics, was killed by lightning on his way back home ... Arcadian mountain That is the monument that covers Apollodorus ...