APN may refer to:

  • Access Point Name, a setting for the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
  • Acute pyelonephritis, is an ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pelvis of the kidney
  • Advanced practice nurse or advanced practice registered nurse, a nurse with post-graduate education in nursing.
  • Americans for Peace Now, a group associated with the Israeli Peace Now movement
  • APN News & Media, an Australian and New Zealand media company
  • Almost perfect nonlinear, a property of some mathematical functions
  • Alpena County Regional Airport, from its IATA airport code
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), remote notification for software running on Apple phones
  • Assessor's parcel number, a number used to identify a particular piece of property
  • Australian Product Number, a common name for a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) in Australia
  • African Parks Network, a private park management institution in Africa
  • Acyl peroxy nitrates (chemistry), a useful chemical marker for the source of VOCs and oVOCs (as anthropogenic or biogenic)
  • Algebraic Petri nets (computer science), a particular kind of high level Petri nets
  • Alberta Playwrights Network, a professional association

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Americans For Peace Now - Successes
... After analyzing the legislation, APN found that the bill would censure and punish all Palestinians, and close the door on any future negotiations to achieve peace ... APN worked with Members of Congress and legislative staff in the U.S ... APN pushed for a US policy that pressures Hamas, seeks to avert a humanitarian disaster, and facilitates the eventual return to peace negotiations ...
Cameron O'Reilly - Life - Early Career
... led by his father, before being moved to Australia, to a sales role on the regional side of APN News Media, in which the O'Reilly family (via a trust ... He was also appointed to the APN board of directors ... APN at that time was already a major Australian press group, leading in local newspapers ...
Americans For Peace Now - Activities and Stated Goals
... as a Jewish, democratic state.” APN asserts that the “positions advocated for more than two decades by APN and Shalom Achshav – like calling for the evacuation of settlements and the creation of a ... APN also engages in grassroots political activism and outreach to the American Jewish and Arab American communities, opinion leaders, university students and ...
APN Regional News Network
... The APN Regional News Network is a network of online publications representing a number of newspapers in Australia owned by APN News Media ... It is a business unit serviced by APN Online Australia ...