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STSC - History
... Gray, and some of the people who originally implemented the APL programming language, notably Philip S ... In 1970, STSC released APL*PLUS, a version of the APL\360 language with many practical extensions oriented toward fostering business usage of APL ... Sharp Associates, STSC made numerous enhancements to the APL language, such as FMT formatting VR and FX, APL program reflection features a file system for storing APL variables outside of the APL ...
APL (programming Language) - History - Microcomputers
... The first microcomputer implementation of APL was on the 8008-based MCM/70, the first general purpose personal computer, in 1973 ... IBM's own IBM 5100 microcomputer (1975) offered APL as one of two built-in ROM-based interpreted languages for the computer, complete with a keyboard and display that ... In 1976 DNA Systems introduced an APL interpreter for their TSO Operating System, which ran timesharing on the IBM 1130, Digital Scientific Meta-4, General Automation GA 18/30 and Computer ...
APL (programming Language) - Execution - Interpreters
... Today, most APL language activity takes place under the Microsoft Windows operating system, with some activity under Linux, Unix, and Mac OS ... Comparatively little APL activity takes place today on mainframe computers ... APLNext (formerly APL2000) offers an advanced APL interpreter that operates under Linux, Unix, and Windows ...

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