Antwerp - Specific Areas in Antwerp

Specific Areas in Antwerp

  • Den Dam – an area in northern Antwerp
  • The diamond district – an area consisting of several square blocks, it is Antwerp's centre for the cutting, polishing, and trading of diamonds
  • Linkeroever – an area on the left bank of the Scheldt with a lot of apartment buildings
  • Meir – Antwerp's largest shopping street
  • Kammenstraat – a shopping street with many specialised boutiques
  • Seefhoek - an area in north-east Antwerp, situated around the Stuivenbergplein
  • Van Wesenbekestraat – the Chinatown of Antwerp
  • Zuid – the south of Antwerp
  • Zurenborg – an area between Central and Berchem station
  • 't Schipperskwartier – Similar to "de walletjes" in Amsterdam, "'t Schipperskwartier" is a designated area where prostitution is tolerated and is now Antwerp's only red light district. Most of the activity in the area is situated in "Schipperstraat" and "Verversrui".

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