• (adj): Characterized by antagonism or antipathy.
    Example: "Slaves antagonistic to their masters"
    Synonyms: antipathetic, antipathetical
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Antagonistic Pleiotropy Hypothesis - Role in Disease
... history has led researchers to reassess the role of antagonistic pleiotropy in disease ... several genetic disorders, arguing that far from being a rare phenomenon, antagonistic pleiotropy might be a fundamental mechanism for the survival of these non-optimal alleles ... This suggests a role for antagonistic pleiotropy, whereby a deleterious mutation is preserved in a population because it still confers some survival benefit ...
Tragic Villain - Portraying and Employing Villains in Fiction - Sympathetic Villain
... may wish to make the world a better place but go to antagonistic lengths to do so (such as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, who commits various crimes in an attempt to complete his goal of ... problems), or may employ a code of honor in fighting his enemies, even if it is to achieve antagonistic goals (examples include Murdock, a secondary villain in the game ... Other sympathetic villains may be pushed to antagonistic lifestyles by society's mistreatment of him due to prejudice against something he is a part of (such as racism, as is the case in ...
Denarian - The Evolution of Ageing
... Such genetic effects are called antagonistic pleiotropy ... "Antagonistic" refers to the impact on fitness in the young, which is positive, and the negative effect on the old ... Antagonistic pleiotropy has been identified both in model organisms and in humans ...
Antagonistic Pleiotropy Hypothesis
... The antagonistic pleiotropy hypothesis was first proposed by George C ... Antagonistic pleiotropy is when one gene controls for more than one trait where at least one of these traits is beneficial to the organism's fitness and at least one is detrimental to the organism's fitness ... William's idea about antagonistic pleiotropy was that if a gene caused both increased reproduction in early life and aging in later life, then senescence would be adaptive in evolution ...
Antagonistic Contradiction
... Antagonistic contradiction (Chinese language 矛盾 Pinyin Máo dùn) is the impossibility of compromise between different social classes ... may be resolved through mere debate, but antagonistic contradictions can only be resolved through struggle ... In Maoism, the antagonistic contradiction was usually that between the peasantry and the landowning class ...

More definitions of "antagonistic":

  • (adj): Used especially of drugs or muscles that counteract or neutralize each other's effect.
    Synonyms: incompatible
  • (adj): Indicating opposition or resistance.
    Synonyms: counter
  • (adj): Opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action.
    Synonyms: counteractive
  • (adj): Incapable of harmonious association.
  • (adj): Arousing animosity or hostility.
    Example: "His antagonizing brusqueness"; "Europe was antagonistic to the Unites States"