Animal Language

Animal language is the modeling of human language in non human animal systems. While the term is widely used, researchers agree that animal languages are not as complex or expressive as human language.

Some researchers including the linguist Charles Hockett, who proposed a list of design features of Human Language, argue that there are significant differences separating human language from animal communication even at its most complex, and that the underlying principles are not related. Accordingly, Thomas A. Sebeok has proposed not to use the term 'language' in case of animal sign systems.

Others argue that an evolutionary continuum exists between the communication methods these animals use and human language. Examining this continuum could help explain how humanity evolved its incredibly sophisticated proficiency for language.

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... challenged and removed It is worth distinguishing "animal language" from "animal communication", no matter how complex the latter may be ... In general the term "animal language" is reserved for the modeling of human language in animal systems though there is some comparative interchange in certain cases (e.g ... Thus "animal language" typically does not include bee dancing, bird song, whale song, dolphin signature whistles, prairie dogs, nor the communicative systems found in most social mammals ...
Louis Herman - Dolphin Research - Animal Language
... His 1984 paper on animal language (Herman, Richards, Wolz, 1984) was published in the human psychology journal Cognition, during the anti-animal language backlash ... The key difference with previous primate work was that the dolphin work focused on language comprehension only ... The problem with researching language production was the issue of scientific parsimony it is essentially impossible to verify that an animal truly understands its own artificial language production ...
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