Angle Ice

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... Pied à plat A crampon technique in the French style to climb on high-angle ice with feet flat on the ice (as opposed to front-pointing) ... Pied assis A crampon technique in the French style to rest on high-angle ice with one foot tucked under the buttocks, toes pointed straight down-slope ... Pied en canard A crampon technique in the French style to walk on moderate-angle ice with toes pointed outward literally, "duck footed" ...

Famous quotes containing the words ice and/or angle:

    When the ice is covered with snow, I do not suspect the wealth under my feet; that there is as good as a mine under me wherever I go. How many pickerel are poised on easy fin fathoms below the loaded wain! The revolution of the seasons must be a curious phenomenon to them. At length the sun and wind brush aside their curtain, and they see the heavens again.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    It is a mistake, to think the same thing affects both sight and touch. If the same angle or square, which is the object of touch, be also the object of vision, what should hinder the blind man, at first sight, from knowing it?
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)