Analyst generally is a term for a professional whose primary function is a deep examination of a specific, limited area and may mean:

  • Accounting analyst, an accounting analyst evaluates and interprets public company financial statements
  • Business analyst, an employee who examines the needs and concerns of clients and stakeholders to determine where potential problems and opportunities lie, known also as a Business Systems Analyst in business
  • Chemical analyst, a person who performs chemical experiments and analyses
  • Color analyst, an individual who, as against a play-by-play announcer, provides analysis and commentary in sports broadcasting
  • Cost analyst, an employee who analyzes business operations to determine which courses of action are most efficacious in business
  • Financial analyst, an individual who analyzes securities and business equity in economics and finance
  • Handwriting analyst, a person who performs a personality assessment through handwriting
  • Industry analyst, an individual who performs market research on segments of specific industries toward the identification of trends in business and finance
  • Institutional Research Analyst, an individual who analyzes data gathered for an educational institute
  • Intelligence analyst, an individual who performs intelligence analysis
  • Marketing analyst, a person who analyzes price, customer, competitor and economic data to help companies
  • Medical analyst, a person who can interpret medical data for specific analytical purposes
  • News analyst, examines, analyses, interprets, and may comment on news received from various sources
  • Patent analyst, in the field of intellectual property is an individual who performs patent and non-patent literature searches to determine the patentability of an invention
  • Psychoanalyst, a practitioner who acts to facilitate understanding of a patient's unconscious mind
  • Public analyst, a qualified chemist appointed by a local authority in the United Kingdom
  • Public policy analyst
  • Quantitative analyst applies mathematical techniques to investment banking, especially in the fields of risk management, trading and financial derivatives
  • Systems analyst or Information analyst, an individual who analyzes technical design and functional design for software development
  • Web metrics analyst, an individual who examines trends and patterns in the use and expansion of the World Wide Web in webometrics
  • An analyst in mathematics, an individual who focuses in the area of mathematical analysis
  • Analyst (software) (or AnalystQS), a mass spectrometry software
  • Analyst(tm) (software), fully parallelized high-performance, ultra-high accuracy 3D finite element method (FEM) analysis software for complex Electromagnetic (EM) problems.
  • Analyst (journal), a chemistry journal

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Famous quotes containing the word analyst:

    Freudianism is much more nearly a religion than a science, inasmuch as the relation between analyst and patient has a great deal in common with that between priest and communicant at confessional, and such ideas as the Oedipus complex, the superego, the libido, and the id exert an effect upon the converted which is almost identical with what flows to the devout Christian from godhead, trinity, grace, and immortality.
    Robert Nisbet (b. 1913)

    Our fear that Communism might some day take over most of the world blinds us to the fact that anti-communism already has.
    —Anonymous U.S. Analyst In 1967. Quoted in “The Uses of Anticommunism,” vol. 21, published in The Socialist Register (1985)

    It’s unlikely I’ll ever submit to a psychiatrist’s couch. I don’t want some stranger prowling around through my psyche, monkeying with my id. I don’t need an analyst to tell me that I have never had any sense of security. Who has?
    Tallulah Bankhead (1903–1968)