• (adj): Corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin.
    Example: "The wings of a bee and those of a hummingbird are analogous"
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Spider-Man: India - Parallels With Western Spider-Man
... Meera Jain, analogous to Mary Jane Watson Auntie Maya, analogous to Aunt May Uncle Bhim, analogous to Uncle Ben Nalin Oberoi, analogous to Norman Osborn, and ...
List Of Tin Man Characters - Cast and Characters
... The character is based on and analogous to the Scarecrow of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ... DG is analogous to and a descendant of Dorothy Gale, the protagonist of the original story, and to some extent, Princess Ozma, from later stories ... The character is analogous to the Wizard of Oz ...
Inhabitants - Other Prominent Superbeings in The Freedom City Campaign Setting
... AEGIS (government agency, analogous to Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D.) Argo the Ultimate Android (analogous to DC's Amazo or Marvel's Super-Adaptoid) Black Star (analogous to DC's Sinestro) Conundrum (analogous to DC's ... Fu Manchu) The Factor Four (analogous to Marvel's U-Foes) Farsiders (hidden Lunar colony of mentalists, analogous to Marvel's Inhumans) Fear-Master (analogous to DC's Scarecrow or Marvel's Mister Fear ... SHADOW (a group analogous to Marvel's HYDRA) Star-Khan (analogous to DC's Mongul or Khan Noonien Singh of Star Trek) The Star Knights (galactic peacekeepers analogous to DC's Green Lantern ...
Mandolin Orchestra - Orchestra Composition
... There are first and second mandolin sections (analogous to first and second violins) a mandola section (analogous to the viola section) mandocelli (analog ...
... a historical unit of length that was common in Serbia and Croatia, analogous to fathom. 1 hvat equals 6 × stopa (stopa is analogous to Austrian "Vienna foot" = 0.316080640 metres.) 72 × palac (1 stopa = 12 × palac palac is analogous to ...

More definitions of "analogous":

  • (adj): Similar or correspondent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar.
    Example: "Brains and computers are often considered analogous"; "surimi is marketed as analogous to crabmeat"
    Synonyms: correspondent

Famous quotes containing the word analogous:

    The triumphs of peace have been in some proximity to war. Whilst the hand was still familiar with the sword-hilt, whilst the habits of the camp were still visible in the port and complexion of the gentleman, his intellectual power culminated; the compression and tension of these stern conditions is a training for the finest and softest arts, and can rarely be compensated in tranquil times, except by some analogous vigor drawn from occupations as hardy as war.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    It has become the custom in our country to expect all Chief Executives, from the President down, to conduct activities analogous to an entertainment bureau. No occasion is too trivial for its promoters to invite them to attend and deliver an address.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Strikes and boycotting are akin to war, and can be justified only on grounds analogous to those which justify war, viz., intolerable injustice and oppression.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)