• (adj): Without real or apparent crystalline form.
    Example: "An amorphous mineral"; "amorphous structure"
    Synonyms: uncrystallized, uncrystallised
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Some articles on amorphous:

Amorphous Solids
... In condensed matter physics, an amorphous (from the Greek a, without, morphé, shape, form) or non-crystalline solid is a solid that lacks the long-range order ... Nowadays, "amorphous solid" is considered to be the overarching concept, and "glass" the more special case A glass is an amorphous solid that transforms into a liquid upon ... Other types of amorphous solids include gels, thin films, and nanostructured materials ...
Amorphous Solids - Nanostructured Materials
... Even amorphous materials have some short-range order at the atomic length scale due to the nature of chemical bonding (see structure of liquids and glasses for more information on non-crystalline material ... Amorphous form have higher dissolution rate compare to any other form ... difficulty in distinguishing between amorphous and crystalline structures on these length scales ...
Beryllium Hydride - Structure
... BeH2 is usually formed as an amorphous white solid, but a hexagonal crystalline form with a higher density (~0.78 g cm−3) was reported, prepared by heating amorphous BeH2 under ... Studies of the amorphous form also find that it consists of a network of corner shared tetrahedra ...
... Santabarbaraite is an amorphous ferric hydroxy phosphate mineral hydrate that was discovered in Tuscany, Italy in 2000 ... formula Fe3+3(PO4)2(OH)3·5H2O, which is the same formula of another non-amorphous phosphate mineral called allanpringite ... In the process, monoclinic vivianite oxidizes to form the amorphous santabarbaraite ...
Silicon Monoxide - Solid (polymeric) SiO
... chemical compound), recent microscopy and spectroscopy studies suggest that amorphous solid SiO is best considered as an inhomogeneous mixture of amorphous SiO2 and amorphous Si with some chemical ...

More definitions of "amorphous":

  • (adj): Lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies.
    Synonyms: unstructured
  • (adj): Having no definite form or distinct shape.
    Example: "Amorphous clouds of insects"
    Synonyms: formless, shapeless

Famous quotes containing the word amorphous:

    I feel like a white granular mass of amorphous crystals—my formula appears to be isomeric with Spasmotoxin. My aurochloride precipitates into beautiful prismatic needles. My Platinochloride develops octohedron crystals,—with a fine blue florescence. My physiological action is not indifferent. One millionth of a grain injected under the skin of a frog produced instantaneous death accompanied by an orange blossom odor.
    Lafcadio Hearn (1850–1904)