Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid or liquor amnii is the nourishing and protecting liquid contained by the amniotic sac of a pregnant woman.

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Autotransfusion - Contraindications - Obstetrics
... Autotransfusion is not normally used in Caesarean sections, because the possibility of an amniotic fluid embolism exists ... Emerging literature suggests that amniotic fluid is being cleared during the wash cycle ... the cell saver can be used with strict guidelines of irrigating profusely to remove amniotic fluid and then suctioning the blood that is being lost ...
List Of Medical Abbreviations: A
... AF atrial fibrillation atrial flutter amniotic fluid AF-AFP amniotic fluid alpha fetoprotein AFB acid-fast bacilli AFI amniotic fluid index AFib atrial fibrillation AFL atrial flutter AFNTR acute febrile nonhemolytic ...
Complications Related To Amniotic Fluid
... Too little amniotic fluid (Oligohydramnios) can be a cause or an indicator of problems for the mother and baby ... Babies with too little amniotic fluid can develop contractures of the limbs, clubbing of the feet and hands, and also develop a life threatening condition called hypoplastic lungs ... be measured and properly recorded to track proper fetal growth and the increasing development of amniotic fluid ...
Amniotic Fluid Embolism
... Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a rare and incompletely understood obstetric emergency in which amniotic fluid, fetal cells, hair, or other debris ... in the world, there has been discrepancy with respect to the incidence and mortality of amniotic fluid embolism ... studies to definitively identify cases of amniotic fluid embolism, leading to both over- and underreporting ...
Duodenal Atresia - History and Physical Exam
... During pregnancy, duodenal atresia is associated with increased amniotic fluid in the uterus, which is called polyhydramnios ... This increase in amniotic fluid is caused by the inability of the fetus to swallow the amniotic fluid and absorb it in their digestive tract ...

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