Alor may refer to:

  • Alor Archipelago, Indonesia
    • Alor Island, Indonesia
    • Alor Strait, Indonesia
    • Alor Regency, Indonesia
    • Alor–Pantar languages, a group of non-Austronesian languages
    • Alorese, an Austronesian language spoken on Alor Island
  • Aror or Alor, medieval name of city of Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Alor, Nigeria
  • Alőr, the Hungarian name for Urişor village, Căşeiu Commune, Cluj County, Romania
  • Chach of Alor, Brahmin Chamberlain and Secretary to Rai Sahasi the Second
  • Alor Gajah, a town and a district in Melaka, Malaysia
    • Lebuh AMJ or the Alor Gajah Bypass
    • Alor Gajah British Graveyard
    • Masjid Alor Gajah

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... Alor Setar Bypass, Federal Route , also known as Sultanah Bahiyah Highway is a major highway bypass in Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia ...
Alor–Pantar Languages - Classification
... long been recognized that the Papuan languages of the Alor archipelago (including Alor and Pantar, as well as the four small islands of Buaya, Pura ... The genetic relatedness of the Alor-Pantar languages has been confirmed through the reconstruction of the proto Alor-Pantar language ... Relationships between the Alor–Pantar languages and at least some (though perhaps not all) of the non-Austronesian languages of Timor Island may justify ...
Alor–Pantar Languages
... The Alor–Pantar languages are a family of clearly related Papuan languages spoken on islands of the Alor archipelago near Timor in southern Indonesia ...
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... Educational institutions, Alor has numerous nursery schools with seven primary schools and two high schools plus other higher institutions like commercial colleges and ... ==Culture==The culture of the Alor people is equivalent to it's neighboring communities which are consistence with the general Igbo culture ... Developmental functions in Alor includes - Nigerian Post Office Alor branch(it has individual P.O ...
Alor–Pantar Languages - Classification - Holton, Et. Al. (2012)
... propose the following classificatory subgrouping for the Alor-Pantar languages, with individual languages marked by italics ... Proto-Alor-Pantar Teiwa Nedebang Kaera Western Pantar dialects (mutually intelligible) Mauta, Tubbe, Lamma Alor (*k, *q merge) Kui Abui Kamang West Alor (*s > h) Klon Straits (*k > Ø, *g > ʔ) Blagar Adang East Alor ...