Algis Kizys

Algis Kizys (born in Chicago, 1960) is a New York City bass guitarist most well known for his long-time membership in New York band Swans. First joining Swans on 1986s Greed LP, he stayed with the group through The Great Annihilator (1995). He is also a founding member Of Cabbages and Kings an off-shoot of Bag People.

Of Cabbages and Kings featured Kizys, founder/guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist/producer Carolyn Master, Vinnie Signorelli (Unsane), Ted Parsons (Prong, Swans, Godflesh, Jesu, Teledubgnosis) and Diane Wlezein. Kizys, Master, and Wlezein previously played in Bag People.

Kizys has spent time in Foetus' live incarnation and played for Glenn Branca in his Symphony No. 6.

Kizys was a member of Problem Dogs, his first band formed with Rick Radtke, John Connors, and Demetra Plakas (who later played drums with L7).

During this time, August 1982, he briefly joined forces with local guitar god Edward "Phast Eddie" Lines to play several shows at the renowned Space Place in Chicago. Billed as the Phlegm Magnets, Kizys, Lines, Connors and Plakas became quite popular as these shows somehow attracted both derelicts, audiophiles and the DEA alike.

From 1994 -1997 Algis Kizys created a band with singer songwriter Soraya Rashid called "Soraya". Other members included Norman Westberg (ex Swans), Ted Parsons (Prong), Vinnie Signorelli (Swans, Unsane), Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca), and J. G. Thirlwell (Foetus)

Kizys with Jonathan Bepler and David Thorpe composed "Firmament" for Nerve magazine's "Sweet & Vicious" audio book. Firmament served as a soundscape to the JT Leroy story, "Natoma Street", performed by Callie Thorne. Gus Van Sant used "Firmament" for the pivotal scene in his film, "Finding Forrester", starring Sean Connery.

Kizys's current band, NeVAh, features Vinnie Signorelli (Unsane) and Norman Westberg from Swans. NeVAh are currently playing in what's left of New York's underground scene.

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