Alfred may refer to:

  • Alfred (bishop) (died 943)
  • Alfred (name)
  • Alfred the Great (849–899), king of Wessex
  • Alfred Aetheling (died 1036), son of King Ethelred II of England

In geography:

  • Lake Alfred, Florida
  • Alfred, Maine
  • Alfred (town), New York
  • Alfred (village), New York
  • Alfred, North Dakota
  • Alfred, Texas
  • Alfred, Ontario, Canada
  • Alfred Island, Nunavut, Canada
  • Alfred Town, a village in New South Wales, Australia
  • Mount Alfred, British Columbia, Canada

In fiction:

  • Alfred, a fictional penguin in the comic strip Zig et Puce
  • Alfred J. Kwak, a Dutch animated television series
  • Alfred Pennyworth, a DC comic book character who serves as Batman's butler
  • Alfred Brooks, the main character in The Contender, created by Robert Lipsyte

In music:

  • Alfred (Arne opera), a 1740 masque by Thomas Arne
  • Alfred (Dvořák opera), an 1870 opera by Antonín Dvořák


  • HMS Alfred (1778)
  • HMS King Alfred
  • HMS Royal Alfred (1864)
  • USS Alfred (1774)


  • Alfred (racehorse), a leading competitor for the 1849 Grand National Steeplechase that finished fourth
  • Alfred (software), an application launcher for Mac OS X
  • Alfred Music Publishing, a sheet music publisher
  • Alfred State College, New York
  • Alfred University, New York
  • The Alfred Hospital, a hospital in Melbourne, Australia

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