• (adj): Used of beverages containing alcohol.
    Example: "Alcoholic drinks"
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Cirrhosis - Epidemiology
... of 34–66 %, largely dependent on the cause of the cirrhosis alcoholic cirrhosis has a worse prognosis than primary biliary cirrhosis and cirrhosis due to ... risk, apart from other diseases that cause liver injury (such as the combination of alcoholic liver disease and chronic viral hepatitis, which may act synergistically in leading ... suggested that coffee consumption may protect against cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis ...
Chromatolysis - Associated Diseases - Alcoholic Encephalopathy
... has been reported in patients with alcoholic encephalopathies ... Studies examining patients with alcoholic encephalopathies give evidence of central chromatolysis ...
Steamed Rice - Use in Beverages
... Makgeolli (막걸리), a Korean alcoholic rice wine Sake (酒), a Japanese alcoholic beverage Yuk Bing Siu Zau (玉冰燒酒), a Cantonese alcoholic rice wine ...
List Of Colombian Cuisine Dishes - Beverages
... Aguardiente is an alcoholic drink derived from sugarcane ... Aguardiente is a variation of the Spanish alcoholic drink ... Chicha is a formerly forbidden strong alcoholic beverage originally made by the indigenous peoples of the Andes ...
Alcoholic Hallucinosis
... Alcoholic hallucinosis (or alcohol-related psychosis) is a complication of alcohol withdrawal in alcoholics ... The risk of developing alcoholic hallucinosis is increased by long-term heavy alcohol abuse and the use of other, illicit drugs ...

More definitions of "alcoholic":

  • (adj): Addicted to alcohol.
    Example: "Alcoholic expatriates in Paris"- Carl Van Doren
    Synonyms: alcohol-dependent

Famous quotes containing the word alcoholic:

    The alcoholic trance is not just a haze, as though the eyes were also unshaven. It is not a mere buzzing in the ears, a dizziness or disturbance of balance. One arrives in the garden again, at nursery time, when the gentle animals are fed and in all the world there are only toys.
    William Gass (b. 1924)

    An alcoholic has been lightly defined as a man who drinks more than his own doctor.
    Alvan L. Barach (1895–1977)