Akane Kiryu - Fatal Frame - Ghosts


  • Kirie Himuro (氷室 霧絵, Himuro Kirie?)
Voiced by: Yoko Yamamoto (Japanese), Lenne Hardt (English)
Kirie was chosen to be the next Rope Shrine Maiden through the Demon Tag Ritual, where she was determined to have the strongest spiritual power when she was found last by the demon. During her seclusion period, she fell in love with a man who was later killed under the orders of Lord Himuro, who believed him to be deterring Kirie from her duties. Due to Kirie's doubts about her obligations, her ropes from the Strangling Ritual failed to bind the Hell Gate and unleashed the Malice.
  • Ryozo Munakata (宗方 良蔵, Munakata Ryōzō?)
Ryozo is a folklorist and the assistant of Seijiro Makabe. He is friends with Itsuki and Mutsuki Tachibana. He was sent away from All God's village before its disappearance, but he returned on the day of the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual to fulfill his promise to Itsuki to take care of Yae and Sae after their escape. He only found Yae, however, crying where the village should have been, and they later married. They had a daughter called Mikoto, who is Miku's grandmother. Mikoto went away and Yae believed her to be dead, but she wasn't and Yae blamed herself, committing suicide. Ryozo watched hanging Yae wondering why she died, soon after he opened the Demon Mouth gate with the blinding mask, Kirie pulled him through the gate doors which slamed shut behind him, after fighting him several times Miku found his robed skeleton just through the Demon Mouth gate, he was still clutching a piece of the Holy Mirror. He is Miku and Mafuyu's great-grandfather.
  • Yae Munakata (宗方 八重, Munakata Yae?)
Yae was born as Yae Kurosawa (黑澤 八重, Kurosawa Yae?), and was to be part of the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual that took place in their village, but made plans under Itsuki Tachibana's suggestion to escape with her twin sister Sae. However, on the night of the ritual, only Yae escaped. After running away, Yae marries Ryozo Munakata and has a daughter named Mikoto. The family moved to the Himuro Mansion, but after Mikoto disappears, Yae believes that the ghosts had taken her away and commits suicide by hanging herself. Her granddaughter (Miku and Mafuyu's mother) would commit suicide in similar fashion.
  • Junsei Takamine (高峰 準星, Takamine Junsei?)
Junsei was born in 1944 and grew up to be a famous novelist who wrote about Japanese folklore which he had a great interest in, Mafuyu was a fan of his work. in September, nearly a month before Miku enters the mansion Junsei enters Himuro mansion with his assistants Tomoe Hirasaka and Koji Ogata. After doing some research Koji goes missing (he had been torn apart by Kirie) but Junsei and Tomoe can't find him, they later find him torn apart. Later Junsei witnesses Kirie strangle Tomoe to death, Kirie then gives Junsei a dark look, as if to tell him he was next. Junsei tries to find out how to break the curse but he can't do it in time, Kirie catches up with him, she crucifies him on the ceiling of the Narukami Shrine, where he had tried to assemble the mirror, then she dashes his body, ripping it to pieces.
  • Koji Ogata (浩二 緒方, Ogata Koji?)
Koji Ogata was an editor in his 30s (so he must have been born around at least the second half of the 1950s) when he entered the mansion with Junsei and Tomoe. After wandering round the mansion Kirie caught up with him, he tried to hide in a cupboard near the Kimono Room but Kirie found him and tore him apart. Junsei and Tomoe were unable to find him for a time, but they later found his mutilated body.

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