Air Force Global Strike Command - Units - Twentieth Air Force

Twentieth Air Force

Headquarters, Twentieth Air Force – Francis E. Warren AFB, Wyoming

Twentieth Air Force is responsible for maintaining and operating the Air Force's ICBM force. Designated as STRATCOM's Task Force 214, 20th Air Force provides on-alert, combat-ready ICBMs to the president.

319th Missile Squadron
320th Missile Squadron
321st Missile Squadron
  • 91st Missile Wing – Minot AFB, North Dakota
740th Missile Squadron
741st Missile Squadron
742d Missile Squadron
  • 341st Missile Wing – Malmstrom AFB, Montana
10th Missile Squadron
12th Missile Squadron
490th Missile Squadron
  • 625th Strategic Operations Squadron – Offutt AFB, Nebraska

The ICBMs are on 24-hour/365-day alert and are ready to launch on any given day. Twentieth Air Force's ICBM team plays a critical role in maintaining global stability and ensuring the Nation's safety and security. 450 Minuteman III missiles provide a critical component of America's on-alert strategic forces. As the Nation's "silent sentinels," ICBMs, and the people who operate them, have remained on continuous, around-the-clock alert since 1959.

AFGSC's 20th Air Force is the Air Force's lead command for and largest operator of UH-1N Huey helicopters. The UH-1N supports ICBM operations in missile fields controlled by F.E. Warren AFB, Malmstrom AFB and Minot AFB.

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