Air Chief Marshal

Air chief marshal (Air Chf Mshl or ACM) is a 4-star air-officer rank which originated in and continues to be used by the Royal Air Force (RAF). The rank is also used by the air forces of many countries which have historical British influence and it is sometimes used as the English translation of an equivalent rank in countries which have a non-English air force-specific rank structure. Officers in the rank of air chief marshal typically hold very senior appointments such as the air force or armed forces commander in those nations which have significant military capability. An air chief marshal may be described generically as an "air marshal".

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List Of Royal Air Force Air Chief Marshals
... The following is a list of Royal Air Force air chief marshals ... The rank of air chief marshal is a four-star officer rank and currently the highest rank to which RAF officers may be promoted to in a professional capacity ... there have been over 130 RAF officers promoted to air chief marshal and at present two RAF officers hold the rank in an active capacity, namely the Chief of ...
List Of Commanders Of The Royal Thai Air Force - Royal Thai Air Force
... Name Term begins Term ends 1 Air Marshal Munee Mahasanthana Vejayantarungsarit 2 ... Air Marshal Luang Atuegtevadej 3 ... Air Marshal Luang Tevaritpanluek 1943 ...
List Of Commanders Of The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters - Supreme Commander
... Name Term begins Term ends Branch 1 Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram 13 November 30 ... April 1941 Royal Thai Army 12 November 24 ... November 2 ... Field Marshal Sarit ...
Notable Air Chief Marshals
... Hugh Dowding, commander of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain ... Lloyd Samuel Breadner, the first Canadian to hold the rank ...
Ministry Of Defence (Thailand) - Royal Thai Armed Forces - Royal Thai Air Force
... The Royal Thai Air Force is the air wing of the Thai armed forces ... It is one of the oldest Air forces in the world, founded in 1913 ... It currently provides air defence and air transport for the other branches ...

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