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List Of Pakistani Field Hockey Players - Midfielders
... Name Year M G Player Name Year M G Player Name Year M G Abdul Ghafoor Khan 1948–55 10/2 Hamidullah Burki 1948–50 16/0 Khawaja Muhammad Taqi 1948 7/0 Milton D'Mello 1948 3/0 Mukhtar Bhatti 1948 2/0 ...
Akbar Bugti - Family
... Nawab Mehrab Khan Bugti, son of Sir Shahbaz Khan Bugti had two sons, Nawab Akbar Bugti and Nawabzada Ahmed Nawaz Bugti ... From his first wife Nawabzada Saleem Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Talal Khan Bugti, Nawabzada Rehan Khan Bugti, and Nawabzada Salal Khan Bugti ... Sardar Ahmed Nawaz Khan Bugti had three sons the eldest being Tanvir Ahmed Khan, Naveed Khan, Farooq Ahmed Khan, Anees Ahmed Khan ...
Ahmed Khan Bin Küchük
... Ahmed bin Küchük (UrduPersianArabic احمد خان بن کوچک) was a Khan of the Great Horde between 1465 and 1481 ... In 1465, Ahmed Khan seized power in the Horde by rising against his brother Mahmud bin Küchük, who had been its ruler since 1459 ... In 1472, Ahmed Khan entered into alliance with the Polish king Casimir IV against Ivan III ...
Sarfaraz Khan - Reign - Intrigues in His Durbar
... Haji Ahmed dreading the influence of his numerous enemies, endeavoured to gain strength to oppose them he therefore wrote every thing to his brother Alivardi Khan, magnifying trifles exceedingly ... Haji Ahmed had the art, too, to persuade the new viceroy to disband great part of his forces, and otherwise to retrench his expenses ... to his feelings was adopted without hesitation but while he listened to the counsel of Haji Ahmed to effect reduction, he allowed the arrest of Haji Ahmed's two sons ...
History - Location and Villages - Present Important Personalities of Douli Tribe
... Sardar Azad Khan (R) Chief Engineer, Dr Marghub Ahemd Khan (R) Director Heath Chief Dental Surgeon, Sardar Abdul Quyyum Naizi Ex Minister, Sardar Haji Ghula Mustafa Ex Minister, Col (R ...

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