Agir - V-1 Espionage

V-1 Espionage

An AGIR railway engineer at Rouen reported in 1943 unusual constructions in Upper Normandy, Michel Hollard's report of September 1943 to the British Secret Intelligence Service identified six V-1 flying bomb facilities: "Bonnetot le Faubourg, Auffray, Totes, Ribeaucourt, Maison Ponthieu and Bois Carre". A more detailed report in October about Bois Carré (1.4 km east of Yvrench) claimed it had "a concrete platform with centre axis pointing directly to London". AGIR reconnoitered 104 V-1 facilities and helped pinpointing the Watten bunker, the first V-2 launching site. AGIR also provided complet sketches of V-1 launching site such as one by André Comps of Bois Carré (In English: "square woods") labeled "La position de Maisons" and B2. Hollard had the site infiltrated by Comps, who copied "the blueprints"—a copy of the compass swinging building blueprint and the Bois Carré sketch were published in 1978.

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