An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

  • Aggregate (composite), in materials science, a component of a composite material used to resist compressive stress
  • Construction aggregate, materials used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, or recycled crushed concrete
  • In some Christian churches, a group of several canonical hours (offices) combined to form a single religious service
  • In the social sciences, a gathering of people into a cluster or a crowd that do not form a true social group
  • In music, a set of all twelve pitch classes, also known as the total chromatic
  • Aggregate (Sanskrit, skandha; Pāli, khandha), in Buddhism, refers to a category of sensory experiences
  • Aggregate analysis, a technique used in amortized analysis in computer science, especially in analysis of algorithms
  • Aggregate (data warehouse), a part of the dimensional model that is used to speed up query time by summarizing tables
  • Aggregate data, in statistics, data combined from several measurements
  • Aggregate demand, the total demand for final goods and services during a specific time period in an economy
  • Aggregate supply, the total supply of goods and services produced during a specific time period in an economy
  • Aggregate function, in computer science (especially SQL), a function that calculates a single result (scalar) from a collection of input values
  • Aggregate score, in sport, the sum of two scorelines in a two-legged match
  • Aggregate (rocket family), in rocketry, a set of experimental rocket designs developed in Nazi Germany
  • Aggregate species (Wiktionary) or Species aggregate, a named species representing a range of very closely related organisms
  • Aggregate Spend (US), a process to monitor the total amount spent by healthcare manufacturers on individual healthcare professionals and organizations through payments and gifts of various kinds
  • AggreGate Platform, a software framework for managing diverse electronic devices
  • Aggregate Root, Domain Driven Design concept

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... Record aggregate score 12 (3–9) at Tottenham Hotspur, 21 November 1931 ... Record aggregate cup score 9 (2–7) at Aston Villa, 10 January 1925 ...
Aggregate Spend - U.S. State Laws
... Aggregate Spend compliance has been affected by individual state law compliance, which requires healthcare manufacturers to address and collect distinct spend types to ... into law by Governor LePage on July 8, 2011, effectively repealing Maine’s aggregate spend reporting requirements (22 MRSA §2698-A) ...
South Maury Island Environmental Issues - Mining Expansion Via Barges On Maury Island
... April 26) - to transport the mined aggregate off the island ... including avoiding the costs and environmental effects of constructing main roads on which the aggregate would be transported ... viability of this strategy is clear one barge of aggregate is equal to approximately 115 trucks (Ron Summers, April 25), but both the use of the barge and construction of a new dock ...
Solidarité Scolaire (Baie-Mahault) - Performance in CONCACAF Competitions
... round (Caribbean Zone) - Lost against Réveil- Sportif 2-4 on aggregate 1991 - First round (Caribbean Zone) - Lost against US Marinoise 1-3 on aggregate 1992 ...
Alkali–carbonate Reaction
... reaction is a process suspected for the degradation of concrete containing dolomite aggregate ... Alkali from the cement might react with the dolomite crystals present in the aggregate inducing the production of brucite, (MgOH)2, and calcite (CaCO3) ... be responsible for the volumetric expansion after de-dolomotisation of the aggregate, due to absorption of water ...

Famous quotes containing the word aggregate:

    We cannot think of a legitimate argument why ... whites and blacks need be affected by the knowledge that an aggregate difference in measured intelligence is genetic instead of environmental.... Given a chance, each clan ... will encounter the world with confidence in its own worth and, most importantly, will be unconcerned about comparing its accomplishments line-by-line with those of any other clan. This is wise ethnocentricism.
    Richard Herrnstein (1930–1994)

    a fortress against ideas and against the
    Shuddering insidious shock of the theory-vendors
    The little sardine men crammed in a monster toy
    Who tilt their aggregate beast against our crumbling Troy.
    Louis MacNeice (1907–1963)

    We think of religion as the symbolic expression of our highest moral ideals; we think of magic as a crude aggregate of superstitions. Religious belief seems to become mere superstitious credulity if we admit any relationship with magic. On the other hand our anthropological and ethnographical material makes it extremely difficult to separate the two fields.
    Ernst Cassirer (1874–1945)