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Contemporary Views On Race - Modern Debate - Social Constructions - United States
... In the United States most people who self-identify as African–American have some European ancestors, while many people who identify as European American have some African or Amerindian ancestors ... early history of the United States, Amerindians, African–Americans, and European Americans have been classified as belonging to different races ... To be White one had to have perceived "pure" White ancestry ...
Hypovitaminosis D - Diagnosis
... Another study of African Americans found that blood levels of 25(OH)D decreased linearly with increasing African ancestry, the decrease being 2.5-2.75 nmol/L per 10% increase in African ancestry ... these levels among subjects with high African ancestry than among those with low/medium African ancestry ...
White Skin - Census and Social Definitions in Different Regions - United States - One Drop Rule
... one drop rule–that a person with any amount of known African ancestry (however small or invisible) is not white–is a classification that was used in parts of the United States ... white regardless of a person's physical appearance, but sometimes failed as people with African ancestry sometimes passed as "white", as noted above ... of centuries of having children with white people, the majority of African Americans have European admixture, and many white people also have African ancestry ...
Maghrebis - Anthropology, Genetics and Linguistics - Genetic Evidence - Autosomal DNA
... the authors conclude that North African populations retain a unique signature of early "Maghrebi" ancestry, but are not a homogenous group and most display varying combinations of five distinct ... The majority of their ancestry derives from populations outside of Africa and is the result of at least three distinct episodes ancient "back-to-Africa" gene flow prior to the Holocene more ... observed two distinct, opposite gradients of ancestry an east-to-west increase in likely autochthonous North African ancestry likely derived from "back-to-Africa" gene flow more than 12,000 years ago and an east-to-w ...
Los Angeles Pobladores - Opportunity and Social Mobility in A Frontier Society - Racial Origins Changed Over Time
... founded Los Angeles, only two were white, Of the other 42, 26 had some degree of African ancestry and 16 were Indians or mestizos ... The story of California's African heritage began in 1781, when the forty-four settlers founded El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles, and more than half of these ... and race mixture." Furthermore at one time in the history of Mexico there were more African slaves held in Mexico than in the colonial United States north of the border ...

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    The Democratic Party is like a mule. It has neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity.
    Ignatius Donnelly (1831–1901)

    If your buttocks burn, you know you have done wrong.
    —White South African proverb.