Affine Plane

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Brianchon's Theorem
... Brianchon's theorem is true in both the affine plane and the real projective plane ... However, its statement in the affine plane is in a sense less informative and more complicated than that in the projective plane ... of a hexagon whose sixth side is the line at infinity, but there is no line at infinity in the affine plane (nor in the projective plane unless one chooses a line to play ...
Blowing Up - The Blowup of A Point in A Plane
... Recall that the Grassmannian G(1,2) parameterizes the set of all lines in the projective plane ... The blowup of the projective plane at the point P, which we will denote X, is X is a projective variety because it is a closed subvariety of a product of projective varieties ... as The blowup is an isomorphism away from P, and by working in the affine plane instead of the projective plane, we can give simpler equations for the blowup ...

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