Aerobic means "requiring air", where "air" usually means oxygen.

Aerobic may also refer to:

  • Aerobic exercise, prolonged exercise of moderate intensity
  • Aerobics, a form of aerobic exercise
  • Aerobic respiration, the aerobic process of cellular respiration
  • Aerobic organism, a living thing with an oxygen-based metabolism

Other articles related to "aerobic, aerobics":

Aerobic Conditioning
... Aerobic conditioning is a process whereby one trains the heart and lungs to pump blood more efficiently, allowing more oxygen to get to muscles and organs ... Aerobic conditioning is a determining factor in performance in events with a duration greater than 2mins ... done through cardiovascular exercise, like running, swimming, aerobics, etc ...
Aerobic Granulation - Full Scale Application of Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology
... Aerobic granulation technology is already successfully applied for treatment of wastewater ... has implemented over 10 full-scale aerobic granular sludge technology systems (Nereda) for the treatment of both industrial and municipal wastewater ... EcoEngineering applied aerobic granulation process in three pharmaceutical industries, Krka d.d ...
Mirela Paşca - Post Retirement
... During her studies she was a member of the aerobic gymnastics team of the university coached by Gineta Stoenescu ... mixed pairs (together with her future husband Octavian Romas) at the first Romanian National Aerobic Gymnastics Championships ... Mirela returned to Romania to open in 2006 her own fitness and aerobic club ...
Cellular Waste Product - Aerobic Respiration
... When in the presence of oxygen, cells use aerobic respiration to obtain energy from glucose molecules ... Cells undergoing aerobic respiration produce 6 molecules of carbon dioxide, 36 molecules of water, and up to 30 molecules of ATP (adenosine ... In aerobic respiration, oxygen serves as the recipient of electrons from the electron transport chain ...