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Stem Cell Niche
... Stem cell niche refers to a microenvironment where stem cells are found, which interacts with stem cells to regulate cell fate ... The word 'niche' can be in reference to the in vivo or in vitro stem cell microenvironment ... various niche factors act on embryonic stem cells to alter gene expression, and induce their proliferation or differentiation for the development of the fetus ...
Stem Cell Controversy - Viewpoints - Objection - "Better Alternatives"
... as well as researchers specializing in adult stem cell research ... Pro-life supporters often claim that the use of adult stem cells from sources such as umbilical cord blood has consistently produced more promising results than ... Furthermore, adult stem cell research may be able to make greater advances if less money and resources were channeled into embryonic stem cell research ...
Progenitor Cell - Properties
... In this point of view, they may be compared to adult stem cells ... But progenitors are said to be in a further stage of cell differentiation ... They are in the “center” between stem cells and fully differentiated cells ...
Charles Philippe Leblond - Biography - Identification of Stem Cells in Adult Organs
... gave rise to spermatocytes, which then differentiated into mature sperm cells in a specific cycle ... of spermatogonia, the seminiferous epithelium was shown to contain a population of stem cells which divided to produce differentiated cells as well as to maintain their ... by Leblond, "the reappearance at each cycle of a new dormant cell which acts as the stem cell of spermatocytes is described as the 'Stem Cell Renewal Theory'" ...
Stem Cell Controversy - Viewpoints - Endorsement - Superiority
... is usually presented as a counter-argument to using adult stem cells as an alternative that doesn't involve embryonic destruction ... Embryonic stem cells make up a significant proportion of a developing embryo, while adult stem cells exist as minor populations within a mature individual (e.g ... in every 1,000 cells of the bone marrow, only 1 will be a usable stem cell) ...

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    If the Russians have gone too far in subjecting the child and his peer group to conformity to a single set of values imposed by the adult society, perhaps we have reached the point of diminishing returns in allowing excessive autonomy and in failing to utilize the constructive potential of the peer group in developing social responsibility and consideration for others.
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    And the names which stem from them branch out to other referents.
    Hugely, spring exists again.
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