Adolf Hitler in Popular Culture

Adolf Hitler In Popular Culture

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi party) and Chancellor of Nazi Germany from 1933 (Führer from 1934) to 1945.

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Adolf Hitler In Popular Culture - Art
... more unusual late works of Salvador Dalí was Hitler Masturbating (1973), depicting just that in the center of a desolate landscape ... Dali also painted The Enigma of Hitler (1939) and Metamorphosis of the Face of Hitler into a Moonlit Landscape (1958) ... Hitler is depicted in a balloon overlooking marching, helmeted troops in the painting Vision of War by Indian artist A ...

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    Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace.
    Adolf Hitler (1889–1945)

    Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting the progress of the arts and the sciences and a flourishing culture in our land.
    Mao Zedong (1893–1976)

    There is a continual exchange of ideas between all minds of a generation. Journalists, popular novelists, illustrators, and cartoonists adapt the truths discovered by the powerful intellects for the multitude. It is like a spiritual flood, like a gush that pours into multiple cascades until it forms the great moving sheet of water that stands for the mentality of a period.
    Auguste Rodin (1849–1917)

    I often think how much easier the world would have been to manage if Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini had been at Oxford.
    Edward F. Wood, Viscount Halifax (1881–1959)

    I thank heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler, who built a front line of defense against the anti-Christ of Communism.
    Frank Buchman (1878–1961)