• (adj): Of unlike parts or organs; growing closely attached.
    Example: "A calyx adnate to the ovary"

Some articles on adnate:

Epidendrum - Synonymy
... and in that the lip "encircles" the column, rather than being adnate ... Hormidium, described by Brieger as having the lip adnate to the proximal part of the column ... debatable genus contains the "cockleshell orchids", with lips which are adnate to the column only about halfway to the apex, and which "encircle" the end of the column ...
Hormidium - Taxonomy
... as having pseudobulbous stems, sessile flowers and with the lip (labellum) of the flower joined (adnate) to the column ... species of Epidendrum with at least a partially adnate labellum, and specifically mentioned only four species, two of which are now retained in Epidendrum, one which is now placed in Homalopetalum ... Because the genus Encyclia features non-adnate labella, and because the genus Prosthechea features labella which are only partially adnate (and therefore ...
Inflorescence - General Characteristics - Metatopy
... stalks the bracts are not connected to the stalks holding the flowers, but are adnate or attached to the main stem (Adnate describes the fusing together of different unrelated parts ... the bud or the bud itself, thus the leaf or bract is adnate to the stem of flower ...