• (adj): Enough to meet a purpose.
    Example: "An adequate income"; "the food was adequate"
    Synonyms: decent, enough
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Some articles on adequate:

That's Adequate
... That's Adequate is a 1989 mockumentary documenting a fictional Hollywood studio, Adequate Film Studios ...
AirTran Airways - Incidents and Accidents
... DC-9-32 Calhoun, GA Flight crew failed to maintain adequate separation from hazardous meteorological conditions ... It also revealed that the airline lacked adequate training and guidance regarding hazardous weather interpretation and avoidance, as well as adequate ...
Cook County Jail - U.S. Department of Justice Report
... from other inmates or staff failed to provide adequate suicide prevention failed to provide adequate sanitary environmental conditions failed to provide adequate fire safety precautions and failed to provide ... Failure to provide adequate medical care, including failure to dispense medications ...
Adequate Remedy
... An adequate remedy or adequate remedy at law is a legal remedy (either court-ordered or negotiated between the litigants) which the court deems satisfactory, without recourse to ... of law, an attorney often must present to the court whether there is an adequate remedy ... When damages, a monetary award, is not an adequate or appropriate remedy, equity can order a "specific performance", an order of the court requiring a party to perform the ...
Adequate 7 (EP)
... Adequate 7 EP is the debut release from the Welsh funk/punk/hardcore band Adequate Seven ...

More definitions of "adequate":

  • (adj): (sometimes followed by 'to') meeting the requirements especially of a task.
    Example: "She had adequate training"; "her training was adequate"; "she was adequate to the job"

Famous quotes containing the word adequate:

    Socialism proposes no adequate substitute for the motive of enlightened selfishness that to-day is at the basis of all human labor and effort, enterprise and new activity.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    The adequate study of culture, our own and those on the opposite side of the globe, can press on to fulfillment only as we learn today from the humanities as well as from the scientists.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)

    When cafe life thrives, talk is a shared limberness of the mind that improves appetite for conversation: an adequate sentence maker is then made good, a good one excellent, an excellent one extraordinary.
    Vivian Gornick (b. 1935)