Adductor can refer to:

  • One of the anatomical terms of motion
  • Adductor longus muscle
  • Adductor magnus muscle
  • Adductor brevis muscle
  • Adductor canal

Other articles related to "adductor, adductors":

Adductor Hiatus
... The adductor hiatus is a hiatus (gap) between the adductor magnus muscle and the femur that allows the passage of the femoral vessels from the anterior thigh to the posterior ... It is the termination of the adductor canal and lies about 2 inches superior to the knee ... Four structures are associated with the adductor hiatus ...
Anterior Branch Of Obturator Nerve
... of the Obturator externus and descends in front of the Adductor brevis, and behind the Pectineus and Adductor longus at the lower border of the latter muscle it communicates with the anterior cutaneous ... Pectineus, it distributes branches to the Adductor longus and Gracilis, and usually to the Adductor brevis, and in rare cases to the Pectineus it ...
Medial Compartment Of Thigh
... The medial fascial compartment of thigh contains the hip adductors ... The muscles in the compartment are gracilis adductors adductor longus adductor brevis adductor magnus The obturator externus muscle is sometimes considered part of this group, and sometimes excluded ...
... Adductores can refer to Adductor brevis muscle Adductor longus muscle Adductor magnus muscle ...