ADC may refer to:

In aviation:

  • ADC Aircraft, a British firm established in March 1920
  • ADC Airlines, based in Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Aerospace Defense Command of the U.S. Air Force
  • Air data computer

In biology and medicine:

  • ADC (gene), a human gene
  • ADC Bioscientific, a British company which manufactures equipment for research into plant physiology
  • AIDS dementia complex, a common neurological disorder associated with HIV infection and AIDS
  • Antibody-drug conjugate, a type of anticancer treatment
  • Automated dispensing cabinet, a computerized drug storage device designed for hospitals

In entertainment and the arts:

  • ADC Theatre, venue of the University of Cambridge Amateur Dramatic Club
  • Australian Dance Council, a national dance advocacy organisation

In government and politics:

  • Aid to Dependent Children, an American government social program from 1935–1960
  • American Deserters Committee, an anti-Vietnam War group
  • American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, a civil rights organization
  • Arizona Department of Corrections
  • The Asociación Democrática de Colima, a political party from the State of Colima, Mexico

In technology:

  • ADC Telecommunications in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  • Advanced Data Connector, a Microsoft technology used in conjunction with ActiveX Data Objects
  • Advanced Direct Connect, a peer-to-peer file sharing and chat protocol
  • Analog-to-digital converter, an electronic circuit that converts continuous signals to discrete digital numbers
  • Android Developer Challenge, a competition
  • Apple Developer Connection, Apple Computer's developer network
  • Apple Display Connector, a proprietary modification of the DVI connector
  • Application Delivery Controller, a device for accelerating web site performance
  • Armenian Datacom Company, in Yerevan, Armenia

In other fields:

  • Acadia Divinity College, a seminary located on the campus of Acadia University
  • ADC Map, an American publisher of maps and street atlases
  • Adlington (Cheshire) railway station's (British) National Rail code
  • After-death communications, the pseudo science alleging communications from a person who has died
  • Aide-de-camp, a personal assistant, secretary, or adjutant to a person of high rank
  • Andrew Dice Clay, an American comedian
  • Australian Defence College, located at Weston Creek in Canberra
  • CR-39, also known as allyl diglycol carbonate

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