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When he auditioned, Hertzberg had no idea what Adam would look like in full costume and make-up. Buffy used a company named Optic Nerve to build the materials to make Hertzberg look like a demonoid. Almost immediately after Hertzberg got the part, Optic Nerve sketched and sculpted Adam's appearance. They had Hertzberg come in to have molds made for prosthetic parts to fit his head and face, arms, chest, and legs, then he was fitted for contact lenses. They also created separate hands and a chest to film for close-up shots. Adam has a floppy disk drive mounted on his chest which, when used, had to be filmed without Hertzberg behind it. The entire construction of Adam's appearance took about two weeks. Hertzberg's voice was also modified post-production. When he saw the full Adam prosthetic and costume, his biggest concern was being able to show nuanced facial expressions under so much latex. It took hours to get Hertzberg into his full costume, but even after it was fully applied on set, often he would have to wait even longer before he went in front of the cameras. He spoke of the need to stay focused during all the waiting while sweating underneath everything he wore for the part.

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