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Paul Feyerabend - Thought - Philosophy of Science - Nature of Scientific Method
... used telescopic observation had to use ad hoc rules until they could justify their assumptions by means of optical theory ... Before such theories were articulated, Galileo had to make use of ad hoc methods and proceed counterinductively ... So, "ad hoc" hypotheses actually have a positive function they temporarily make a new theory compatible with facts until the theory to be defended can be supported by other theories ...
Beyond The Standard Model - Problems With The Standard Model - Theoretical Problems
... Some features of the standard model are added in an ad hoc way ... the theory works fine with these ad hoc features), but they imply a lack of understanding ... These ad hoc features have motivated theorists to look for more fundamental theories with fewer parameters ...
Operation Dragoon - The Battle At Montélimar
... Panzer division was called in and its first arriving units together with several ad-hoc Luftwaffe battle groups were tasked to deal with this new threat ... Infantry Division together with some more ad-hoc Luftwaffe battlegroups ... This Allied success also did not last long, as another ad-hoc attack led by Wietersheim reopened the passage at midnight ...

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    It is a tribute to the peculiar horror of contemporary life that it makes the worst features of earlier times—the stupefaction of the masses, the obsessed and driven lives of the bourgeoisie—seem attractive by comparison.
    Christopher Lasch (b. 1932)