• (noun): The category of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb.
    Synonyms: accusative case, objective case
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Accusative Absolute
... The accusative absolute is a grammatical construction found in some languages ... It is an absolute construction found in the accusative case ...
Accusative Absolute - Latin
... The accusative absolute is sometimes found in place of the ablative absolute in the Latin of Late Antiquity as, for example, in the writings of Gregory of Tours and Jordanes ... This likely arose when the pronunciation of the ablative and accusative singulars merged, since the final -m of the accusative singular was no longer pronounced, even in the Classical era ... But the accusative absolute is also found with plural nouns where the ablative and accusative are not similar in pronunciation ...
Second Declension
... In Classical Latin, the short o of the nominative and accusative singular became u ... The neuter nominative/accusative singular ends with -um (Latin) or -ον -on (Greek), matching the masculine accusative ...
Skolt Sami Language - Grammar - Cases - Accusative
... The accusative is the direct object case and it is unmarked in the singular ... The accusative is also used to mark some adjuncts, e.g ...
Casally Modulated Preposition - Polygovernate Prepositions in Russian
... The same spatial prepositions govern the accusative case when their complement is the target of a movement ... in Rome (locative) Я иду в Рим I go to Rome (accusative) Яблоко лежало на земле The apple lay on the ground (locative ... с(o) meaning with with instrumental case, from with genitive case and like with accusative case ...

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  • (adj): Serving as or indicating the object of a verb or of certain prepositions and used for certain other purposes.
    Example: "Accusative endings"
    Synonyms: objective