Accumulator may refer to:

  • Accumulator (computing), in a CPU, a processor register for storing intermediate results
  • Accumulator (energy), an apparatus for storing energy or power
    • Capacitor, in electrical engineering, also known by the obsolete term accumulator
    • Electrochemical cell, a cell that stores electrical energy, typically used in rechargeable batteries
    • Hydraulic accumulator, an energy storage device using hydraulic fluid under pressure
  • Accumulator (bet), a parlay bet
  • Accumulator (structured product), a financial contract used by clients (usually individuals) to accumulate stock positions over time
  • Accumulator 1, a Czech film
  • Dynamic accumulator, a plant that mines nutrients from the soil through its roots

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Leiden Accumulator
... The Leiden accumulator, created in 1745 was the first device that produced electric shock for medical purposes ... over Europe, eventually producing the accumulator ...
Hydraulic Accumulator - Functioning of An Accumulator
... In modern, often mobile, hydraulic systems the preferred item is a gas charged accumulator, but simple systems may be spring-loaded ... There may be more than one accumulator in a system ... An accumulator is placed close to the pump with a non-return valve preventing flow back to the pump ...
... value - place the immediate value or the contents of the variable named in the accumulator ... Store variable - place the contents of the accumulator in the variable ... Jineg label - transfer control to location labelled if the accumulator contains a negative value ...
List Of Palatine Locomotives And Railbuses - Railbuses
... In addition to the new vehicles listed in the table below, two accumulator cars left by an electric company in 1896/97 were tested ... centre axle - were converted provisionally to accumulator cars and placed in service ... UIC) Remarks None I–II 1898 ... Bo'2' g2t Accumulator car for metre gauge, converted in 1903 to passenger coaches None III 1900 ... Bo g2t Accumulator car ...