• (adj): Liable to account for one's actions.
    Example: "Governments must be accountable to someone beside themselves"; "fully accountable for what they did"; "the court held the parents answerable for their minor child's acts of vandalism"; "he was answerable to no one"

Some articles on accountable:

Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy For Users - "Bridge To Nowhere"
... On March 2nd, 2011 when H.R. 662 Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2011 was up for debate there was a proposed motion to recommit the bill, argued for by Jared Polis, D-Colorado, in order to add an amendment to strip funding for this project that has shown up in previous bills' earmarks ...
Peel District School Board - Equity - Co-Accountable Model
... Its Co-accountable Model project supports diversity across all employee groups ... Under the Co-accountable Model, the Peel board will create formal mentoring events and summits, including the creation of targeted advisory groups for all protected classes to assist in community outreach ...
Design of Accountable Autonomy
... The design of accountable autonomy exists in prescriptions for the effectivity of civic participation Increasing discretion of street-level officials with respect to formal rules and centralized oversight, while ... Fung argues that accountable autonomy increases fairness, because it offers ways for the least advantaged to act constructively against unfairness and it offers opportunities for civilians to deliberate about ...
Strategic Economic And Energy Development - Selection Criteria
... Enterprises (DBEs) Indicator Category Source Suspension Debarment Accountable Government Excluded Parties List Control of Corruption Accountable Government Department of Justice Anti-Bid Rigging Protocols ...
Accountable Autonomy
... Accountable autonomy is a concept by political scientist Archon Fung that denotes a particular institutional design of administrative and democratic organization which ... Accountable autonomy addresses the defects of decentralization and localism, such as group-think, inequality and parochialism, through hybrid arrangements that allocate power, function and ... The terms accountable and autonomy might seem at odds with each other ...

Famous quotes containing the word accountable:

    There can only be one Commander-in-Chief. In these times, crises cannot be managed and wars cannot be waged by committee. To the ears of the world, the President speaks for the nation. While he is of course ultimately accountable to Congress, the courts, and the people, he and his emissaries must not be handicapped in advance in their relations with foreign governments as has sometimes happened in the past.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    I sometimes wonder whether, in the still, sleepless hours of the night, the consciences of ... professional gossips do not stalk them. I myself believe in a final reckoning, when we shall be held accountable for our misdeeds. Do they? If so, they have cause to worry over many scoops that brought them a day’s dubious laurels and perhaps destroyed someone’s peace forever.
    Mary Pickford (1893–1979)