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Sound Branding - Registration of Sound Marks in Different Jurisdictions - Australia - Graphic Representation
... to the traditional tune "Greensleeves" as rendered in the audio tape accompanying the application ... a cow mooing (clip, clop, MOO) as rendered in the recording accompanying the application ... The trademark is demonstrated in the recording accompanying the application form ...
Performances Of Carnatic Music
... The objective of the accompanying instruments is far more than following the melody and keeping the beats ... Unlike Hindustani music concerts, where an accompanying tabla player can keep beats without following the musical phrases at times, in Carnatic music, the accompaniments have to know follow ... interaction with the lead musicians and the accompaniments exchanging notes, and accompanying musicians predicting the lead singer musical phrases ...
Antonis Papadakis
... the laouto was not yet established as an accompanying instrument of the lyre in Crete ... Thus, he was occasionally using the string instrument boulgari as accompanying instrument, popular at that time in the Rethymnon ... Bouzouki was a typical accompanying instrument for lyra at that time ...
Hazardville Historic District
... built of brick and brownstone in 1872, is of Romanesque Revival style architecture (see accompanying photo #10) The Hazardville Institute, 317 Hazard Street, is. 1830-1850, was prior Methodist church (see accompanying photo #9) 358 Hazard Avenue, 1850, Greek Revival Cedar Street Cemetery (see accompanying photo #8) St ... Mary's Episcopal Church (see accompanying photo #11) Superintendent's House (see accompanying photo #15) Queen Anne house on School Street (see accompanying photo #17) Worker's house on Cedar ...
The Price Is Right (1956 U.S. Game Show) - Game Play - Prizes
... Some other examples of outlandish or "exceptionally unique" bonus prizes Accompanying a color TV, a live peacock (a play on the NBC logo) to serve as a "color guide" ... Accompanying a barbecue pit and the usual accessories, a live Angus steer ... Accompanying a prize package of items needed to throw a backyard party, big band legend Woody Herman and His Orchestra ...

Famous quotes containing the word accompanying:

    Parents need to recognize that the negative behavior accompanying certain stages is just a small part of the total child. It should not become the main focus or be pushed into the limelight.
    Saf Lerman (20th century)

    We feign pity when we want to demonstrate our ascendancy over feelings of hostility: but usually in vain. Whenever we notice this, there is an accompanying surge in those hostile sensations.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Though I had not come a-hunting, and felt some compunctions about accompanying the hunters, I wished to see a moose near at hand, and was not sorry to learn how the Indian managed to kill one. I went as reporter or chaplain to the hunters,—and the chaplain has been known to carry a gun himself.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)