2nd United States Congress - Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

  • December 15, 1791: The United States Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, were ratified by the states.

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... innovative provisions for direct democracy but, owing to constitutional amendments, these provisions were never permitted to come into effect ... provided for three forms of direct democracy Constitutional referendum After an initial period all constitutional amendments would be subject to a mandatory, binding referendum ... An amendment would not be deemed to have been passed unless at least a majority of registered voters participated in the referendum and the votes in favour were equal to either (1) a majority of all ...
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... Amendment 1 Amendment 1 added Section 15 Article XVII of the state constitution, denying recognition of any domestic union other than a marriage between one man and one woman in South Carolina and all its ... The amendment easily passed, although state statute already defined marriage as only between a man and a woman ... Amendment 1 Choice Votes Percentage Yes 829,360 78% No 234,316 22% Total votes 1,063,676 100.00% Voter turnout 43.3% Source - Official Results Amendments 2A and 2B These amendments modified Article III ...
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... The amendment process is governed by the provisions of Title VIII of the Constitution, which is titled The revision of the Constitution ... Neither Chamber can consider amendments to the Constitution unless at least two thirds of its members are present and the Constitution can only be amended if at least two thirds of the votes cast ... Article 197 also provides that the provisions relating to the King's constitutional powers cannot be amended during a regency ...

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