2008 ACB Playoffs

The 2008 ACB Playoffs was the final phase of the 2007-2008 ACB season. It started on Thursday, May 15, 2008 and ran until Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

A change in the schedule was introduced in this season: Quarterfinals and Semifinals series were 3-match rounds instead of the 5-match rounds used in the previous years. This modification had apparently revealed to be quite significant, since the first (Real Madrid) and the second (DKV Joventut) classifieds of the Regular Season were surprisingly out earlier than it was expected.

Final series brought face to face TAU Cerámica and AXA FC Barcelona for the first time in ACB history (although, curiously, there has always been one of these two teams separately in a Final since the 1993-94 season).

TAU Cerámica won the Final series by 3-0 and obtained their second ACB championship.

Quarter Finals SemiFinals Finals
1 Real Madrid 0
8 Unicaja Málaga 2
8 Unicaja Málaga 0
4 TAU Cerámica 2
4 TAU Cerámica 2
5 Pamesa Valencia 1
4 TAU Cerámica 3
3 AXA FC Barcelona 0
2 DKV Joventut 2
7 Akasvayu Girona 1
2 DKV Joventut 0
3 AXA FC Barcelona 2
3 AXA FC Barcelona 2
6 Iurbentia Bilbao Basket 0

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