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Other Countries

  • Australia: Prime Minister John Howard said "It's too early to be certain but it looks very much like the work of al-Qaeda. Benazir Bhutto, to her credit, as well as General Musharraf, have both said they will continue to support the Americans in the War on Terrorism," he said. "It is a reminder of the evil of al-Qaeda. It is a reminder of how important it is not to concede a victory to them in Iraq or in Afghanistan.
  • Canada: Maxime Bernier, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the bombings were "an appalling act of violence", and "urged all parties in Pakistan to adhere to the rule of law and to continue to build the conditions for free and fair parliamentary elections"
  • France: "Nicolas Sarkozy condemns the attack which targeted Benazir Bhutto and which has left numerous victims. He sends France's condolences and his sympathy to the president and to the political authorities in Pakistan as well as to the families of the victims."
  • India: Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Ms. Bhutto and conveyed his condolences on the involved loss of life. While Dr. Singh’s separate letters to Ms. Bhutto and General Pervez Musharraf condemned "terrorism and extremism in all its forms", the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, Mr. Lal Kishan Advani, rang up Ms. Bhutto to personally express his solidarity with her. India’s foreign ministry spokesman expressed outrage and anger felt in the country.
  • United Kingdom:
    • Prime Minister Gordon Brown, said "I was deeply shocked to learn of the bomb blasts in Karachi that have killed over a hundred people and injured so many others. I am appalled by this horrific use of violence against entirely innocent people...On behalf of the British Government please accept my sincerest condolences for those Pakistanis who have lost their lives. You can be assured of the United Kingdom's continuing support to work with all those committed to building a peaceful and democratic Pakistan"
    • Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, David Miliband, said "I condemn utterly the use of violence against entirely innocent people and the attempt to suppress the right of Pakistanis to express their democratic voice. I share the shock of the Pakistani community in the United Kingdom at these horrific attacks".
  • United States:
    • U.S. Department of State spokesperson Tom Casey: "There is no political cause that can justify the murder of innocent people. Those responsible seek only to foster fear and limit freedom. The United States stands with the people of Pakistan to eliminate terrorist threats, and to build a more open, democratic, and peaceful society."
    • U.S. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe stated that "The United States condemns the violent attack in Pakistan and mourns the loss of innocent life there," "Extremists will not be allowed to stop Pakistanis from selecting their representatives through an open and democratic process."

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