1989 (MCMLXXXIX) was a common year starting on Sunday. It is the 1989th year of the Common Era, or A.D.; the 989th year of the 2nd millennium; the 89th year of the 20th century; and the 10th and last year of the 1980s decade. It was a historical turning point for the wave of revolutions that swept the Eastern Bloc, starting in Poland. Collectively known as the Revolutions of 1989, they heralded the dissolution of the Soviet Union two years later and the beginning of the post–Cold War period which is characterized by the dominance of the United States in world affairs and the unchallenged rise of globalization and Americanization.

1989 marked the beginning of the Heisei period in Japan. It was the year the World Wide Web was invented in Switzerland by Tim Berners Lee, which would be opened to the public for free use in 1993.

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