1953 in Music - Published Popular Music

Published Popular Music

  • "And This Is My Beloved" w. & m. adapted Robert Wright & George Forrest
  • "Angel Eyes" w. Earl Brent m. Matt Dennis
  • "Anna" w.(Eng) William Engvick (Ital) F. Giordano m. R. Vatro
  • "Answer Me, My Love" w. (Eng) Carl Sigman (Ger) & m. Gerhard Winkler & Fred Ravich
  • "Baubles, Bangles And Beads" w. & m. adapt Robert Wright & George Forrest. Introduced by Doretta Morrow in the musical Kismet
  • "Bell Bottom Blues" w. Hal David m. Leon Carr
  • "Bimbo" w.m. Rodney Morris
  • "Black Hills Of Dakota" w. Paul Francis Webster m. Sammy Fain. Introduced by Doris Day in the film Calamity Jane.
  • "The Boy Friend" w.m. Sandy Wilson.
  • "Can-Can" w.m. Cole Porter
  • "Caribbean" w.m. Mitchell Torok
  • "C'est Magnifique" w.m. Cole Porter. Introduced by Lilo and Peter Cookson in the musical Can-Can
  • "Changing Partners" w. Joe Darion m. Larry Coleman
  • "Chicka Boom" w.m. Bob Merrill
  • "Crying In the Chapel" w.m. Artie Glenn
  • "Cry Me a River" w.m. Arthur Hamilton
  • "Dragnet" w.m. Walter Schumann
  • "Ebb Tide" w. Carl Sigman m. Robert Maxwell
  • "Eh, Cumpari!" trad Ital w. m. adapt. Julius LaRosa & Archie Bleyer
  • "Ev'rybody Loves Saturday Night" Campbell
  • "Fate" w. & m. adapt Robert Wright & George Forrest from music by Alexander Borodin Adapted from Symphony No. 2 in B Minor. It was introduced by Alfred Drake and Doretta Morrow in the musical Kismet.
  • "From Here to Eternity" w. Robert Wells m. Fred Karger
  • "Gambler's Guitar" w.m. Jim Lowe
  • "Gee!" w.m. Viola Watkins, Daniel Norton & William Davis
  • "Giddy-Up-A Ding Dong" w.m. Freddie Bell, Pep Lattanzi
  • "Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite" James Hudson, Calvin Carter
  • "Half a Photograph" w. Bob Russell m. Hal Stanley
  • "The Happy Wanderer" w.(Ger) Florenz Siegesmund & Edith Möller (Eng) Antonia Ridge m. Friedrich Wilhelm Möller
  • "Here's That Rainy Day" w. Johnny Burke m. James Van Heusen. Introduced by John Raitt in the musical Carnival In Flanders.
  • "Hold My Hand" w.m. Jack Lawrence & Richard Myers
  • "I Believe" w.m. Ervin Drake, Jimmy Shirl, Irvin Graham & Al Stillman
  • "(Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely" w.m. Pat Ballard
  • "I Love Paris" w.m. Cole Porter. Introduced by Lilo in the musical Can-Can
  • "I Really Don't Want To Know" w. Howard Barnes m. Don Robertson
  • "I'm Walking Behind You" w.m. Billy Reid
  • "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" w. Jimmy Kennedy m. Nat Simon
  • "It's All Right With Me" w.m. Cole Porter
  • "It's Love" w. Betty Comden & Adolph Green m. Leonard Bernstein. Introduced by George Gaynes in the musical Wonderful Town. Performed in the 1955 London production by Dennis Bowen.
  • "Just Walkin' In The Rain" w.m. Johnny Bragg & Robert S. Riley
  • "Little Things Mean a Lot" w.m. Carl Stutz & Edith Lindeman
  • "Look at That Girl" w.m. Bob Merrill
  • "Make Love to Me" w. Alan Copeland & Bill Norvas Music from "Tin Roof Blues" 1923.
  • "The Man That Got Away" w. Ira Gershwin m. Harold Arlen
  • "The Man With The Banjo" w. (Eng) Robert Mellin m. Fritz Schulz Reichel
  • "Marriage Type Love" w. Oscar Hammerstein II m. Richard Rodgers. Introduced by Arthur Maxwell and Helena Scott in the musical Me And Juliet.
  • "Matilda, Matilda!" w.m. Harry Thomas
  • "Melancholy Serenade" m. Jackie Gleason
  • "Mexican Joe" w.m. Mitchell Torok
  • "Money Burns a Hole In My Pocket" w. Bob Hilliard m. Jule Styne. Introduced by Dean Martin in the 1954 film Living It Up.
  • "Money Honey" w.m. Jesse Stone
  • "My Love, My Love" w. Bob Haymes m. Nick Acquaviva
  • "No Other Love" w. Oscar Hammerstein II m. Richard Rodgers. Introduced by Isabel Bigley and Bill Hayes in the musical Me And Juliet.
  • "Non Dimenticar" w.(Eng) Shelley Dobbins (Ital) Michele Galdieri m. P. G. Redi
  • "Not Since Nineveh" w. & m. adapt Robert Wright & George Forrest From Borodin's "Polovetsian Dances".
  • "Oh! My Pa-Pa" w. John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons m. Paul Burkhard
  • "The Olive Tree" w. & m. adapt Robert Wright & George Forrest from music by Alexander Borodin
  • "Rags to Riches" w.m. Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
  • "Ricochet" w.m. Larry Coleman, Joe Darion & Norman Gimbel
  • "Rock Around the Clock" w.m. Jimmy De Knight & Max C. Freedman
  • "Santa Baby" w.m. Joan Javits, Phil Springer & Tony Springer
  • "Satin Doll" w.m. Billy Strayhorn & Duke Ellington
  • "Secret Love" w. Paul Francis Webster m. Sammy Fain. Introduced by Doris Day in the film Calamity Jane
  • "Seven Lonely Days" w.m. Alden Shuman, Earl Shuman & Marshal Brown
  • "Shake a Hand" w.m. Joe Morris
  • "Sippin' Soda" adapt. P. Campbell
  • "The Song From "Moulin Rouge"" (aka "Where Is Your Heart") w. (Eng) William Engvick (Fr) Jacques Larue m. Georges Auric
  • "Stranger in Paradise" w. & m. adapt Robert Wright & George Forrest. Introduced by Doretta Morrow and Richard Kiley in the musical Kismet.
  • "Such a Night" w.m. Lincoln Chase
  • "Sway" ("Quien Será") w. (Eng) Norman Gimbel (Sp) Pablo Beltrán Ruiz m. Pablo Beltran Ruiz
  • "Teach Me Tonight" w. Sammy Cahn m. Gene De Paul
  • "Tell Me a Story" w.m. Terry Gilkyson
  • "Tell Us Where the Good Times Are" w.m. Bob Merrill
  • "That's Amore" w. Jack Brooks m. Harry Warren
  • "Vaya con Dios" w.m. Larry Russell, Inez James & Buddy Pepper
  • "Wanted" w.m. Jack Fulton & Lois Steele
  • "When Love Goes Wrong" w. Harold Adamson m. Hoagy Carmichael from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • "You Won't Forget Me" w. Kermit Goell m. Fred Spielman Introduced by India Adams dubbing for Joan Crawford in the film Torch Song
  • "You, You, You" w.(Eng) Robert Mellin (Ger) Walter Rothenberg m. Lotar Olias
  • "Young at Heart" w. Carolyn Leigh m. Johnny Richards

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