110 Block

A 110 block is a type of punch block used to connect sets of wires in a structured cabling system. The "110" designation is also used to describe a type of insulation-displacement connector used to terminate twisted pair cables which uses a similar punch-down tool as the older 66 block. It is available in two varieties: pairwise connections, with each row containing two electrically connected terminals (the left two and the right two); and rowwise connections, with each row of four terminals all tied together. This option must be specified when ordering.

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110 Block - Problems
... During regular usage, small pieces of wire can become stuck inside the 110 block contacts this renders that given pair unreliable or unusable, until the pieces are removed ... new wire inserted over an existing wire remnant will be unable to make reliable contact with the 110 block, which was designed to hold only a single ... it is more difficult to reliably connect to a working circuit on a 110 block than on older style blocks ...

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