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Admission to the Centralien engineering Programme implemented at École Centrale de Lille is possible after two/three year scientific undergraduate studies and requires success to either:

  • an admission exam for Bachelors of Sciences : CASTing - Concours d'Admission sur Titre Ingénieur (2-year curriculum)
  • a French nationwide selective exam with numerus clausus : concours Centrale-Supelec (3-year curriculum including at least 2 years in France)
  • a selective application as per TIME double degrees procedures applicable in Europe (2+2-year curriculum, including 2 years in France)
  • a selective application as per TIME Overseas double degree procedures applicable for selected Universities and Institutes of Technology in Brasil, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (2+2-year curriculum, including 2 years in France)
  • a selective application as per IMCC procedure for one-semester or one-year accredited post-graduate study period in France and USA (1 year curriculum)
  • a specific application process for other international students presented by their originating University.

The Centralien Programme typically lasts three years and results in a Master degree, augmented with international experience. Thus undergraduate studies + the Centralien Programme account for more than a cumulated 300 ECTS credit in the European education system.

However, graduate students enrolled in the TIME double degree procedure are required to spend two-years at École Centrale de Lille and spend two years in the TIME-partner institute for a total of four years resulting in a double master degree.

Not to mention that 18% students attending courses at École Centrale de Lille are international students, all students enrolled in the Centralien Programme have an international exposure with opportunities to perform industry training and internship in entreprises worldwide, study abroad for 1 year in selected partner institutes providing Master (M2) courses, or be part of the 2+2 year TIME double degree programme.

In addition to the Centralien Programme, École Centrale de Lille provides a range of Master's degree cursus in science and engineering that are opened to applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in other institutes. Admission to Masters' second-year research cursus (M2R) is also possible for applicants who have performed their Master's first year (M1) in another institute and wish to focus on a research topic associated to Centrale Lille research labs.

Admission to one of the 6 Masters (M1+M2 or M2) from École Centrale de Lille is possible upon an application assessment process based on academic criteria. Note that Masters/Research (M2R) workload is 60 ECTS credits and may be the starting point for doctorate studies. These 6 Masters and a larger number of Masters (M2) from other Centrale Graduate Schools and from partner institutes are also possible as electives for a double degree alongside the Centralien Programme.

Admission to one of the 6 Specialized Masters for Master-level specialization and continuing education in specific engineering and management fields is possible upon application assessment based on candidate profile. Prerequisite to apply for this specialized curriculum is to already hold a Master or an equivalent postgraduate degree in a different scientific field. MS lectures at École Centrale de Lille are taught in English and/or in French. MS workload is 75 ECTS credits.

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