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The Palm Zire 72 is an upgraded version of Palm Zire 71. New features include Bluetooth, voice recording, and video capture with sound. The joystick was removed and replaced with a recessed pad similar to that of the Tungsten models, and the camera was upgraded from 0.3 to 1.2 megapixel. The Zire 72 has 32MB on-handheld RAM (25MB usable) instead of 16MB, a 312 MHz Intel PXA270 Processor instead of a TI OMAP Processor, and weighed 4.8oz as opposed to 5.3oz for the Zire 71. This models features the newer PIM apps, like the E, T3 and Z22 Models. The Zire 72 was available in two models. The standard Zire 72 had a bright blue painted body with silver back. The Zire 72 Special Edition was an all-silver model.

The Zire 72, while it had more features than the Zire 71, was hit with a lot of criticism and friction over time. Some users report problems with the camera: the camera lens is not covered, the camera doesn't work in lowlight conditions, and broken pixels are common. (Third-party cases include a lens cover.) The screen quality, while good, may be not as brilliant as the Palm Zire 71. Many users complained of the blue paint chipping and peeling after moderate use.

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